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Frequently Asked Questions

Have a read through our Exclusiv FAQ for all you need to know about booking the ultimate party band. It's also worth checking out our Blog and socials for further insight.
How much do you charge?

Whilst always competitive, costs will vary depending on many factors:

  • The number of musicians required

  • The number of hours on site

  • Travel arrangements and time

  • PA requirements, lighting, DJ service and crew (if required)


So start by telling us:

  • The date and type of your event

  • The address of the venue - room dimensions and guest numbers are also useful 

  • Performance start time and music cutoff

  • When do we need to be setup by?

  • What is your budget?

  • Do you require a playlist or DJ service?​

Do you require a deposit? 

Yes. Our musicians have extremely busy diaries, so a 50% non-refundable deposit is required to secure your date. A full contract will be issued which outlines our flexible payment terms.

Can you provide all of our music for the day? 

We are always happy to discuss this and can no doubt save you money by using musicians who are already on site. We can provide reception/dinner music, followed by a full live band in the evening and a playlist/DJ service to fill in the gaps between performances. 

What styles of music will you play?

We have played thousands of parties and know what goes down well. Be mindful that your own taste may not be everyone else's, so it is strongly advisable to include something for all ages. Exclusiv can perform a mix of everything from 70's/80's funk classics, 90's+ pop/dance floorfillers and good 'ole Rock 'n' Roll if required.

Can we make requests?

We always endeavour to tailor our sets to your event and tastes, though it's advisable to play to the singer's strengths. In most instances we will perform your first dance for you and are happy to learn a special number or two for other events as well.

How long can you play for? 

For reception or party music 100-120 minutes playing is usually perfect - better to leave your guests wanting more and go home having had a great night than to lose all the energy and have it fizzle to a close. A short break halfway through is ideal to keep singers and horn players fresh. We will play suitable background music through our PA during any breaks in the live performances, or you can provide your own playlist if you haven't booked a DJ service.

Do you carry your own PA? 

We carry a high quality Bose PA system as standard which is perfect for small to medium-sized venues of up to 300 guests. We also have our own modern LED stage lighting. If the venue is particularly large there may be a need for additional PA, lighting and dedicated crew and we will advise where necessary.

How long will you need to setup? 

For reception music one hour is usually comfortable. For a party band, 90-120 minutes depending on the lineup. We always allow for a sound check to ensure great audio from the start. Tmings will also depend on ease of access to the performance space.

Do you need a stage and how big? 

Again, this will depend on the type and size of the event. A stage is preferable but not always practical or necessary and is of course an additional cost. We can arrange for staging if required but usually this will be organised by the venue. The size would be determined by the size of band you have booked and of course we can provide further details.

Is your equipment PAT tested and insured? 

Yes, we carry full insurance and our equipment is regularly checked and updated.

If you have any further questions use our Contact form.

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